Monday, November 24, 2014

See It My Way

Any way you look at it, sundown was gorgeous yesterday.  After tucking the girls in the barn, I looked up to see the oaks by the house gilded by the sun.  The goats have worn trails through the pasture up to the water trough and the corner where the alfalfa is thrown.  This view is looking toward the north.

Turning to the west, sunset had taken on another aspect.  It's a sight I never tire of seeing.

The day never warmed up much after a very chilly start, so it was necessary to bring several wagon loads of firewood up to the porch to keep the stove stoked.  The hearth stone is semicircular, and is now ringed with furry critters as Bess and the cats toast one side and then the other (when there's no available lap).

Come Thursday and the house will fill with people, Celeste will disappear for the duration, Ralph will make a periodic appearance, undoubtedly choosing Dave (who is allergic to cats) as his favorite target, and Bessie Anne will be beside herself with joy because her boys are here.  Me, I'll be in hog heaven.  Can't you see it now?

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Kathryn said...

I CAN see your Thanksgiving Hog Heaven from here. And your photos were gorgeous. Thank you!