Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waiting Game

Milk Guy (usually) comes on Mondays.  He is very good about letting me know, albeit sometimes at the last minute, if he isn't going to be able to make it and that is truly appreciated.  However, when he is going to get here on Monday is iffy.  Sometimes he lets me know in the morning that he won't be here until late in the afternoon, and I appreciate the heads-up so I can line out my day.  If I don't hear anything, he usually gets here about 11:30 and that's fine with me.  But then there are days like yesterday when I wait.  Eleven-thirty came and went.  I hate to start a "dirty" project when company might show up at the door, so I just waited.  Rain is predicted in a few days and I needed to buy and unload feed before then.  I waited as long as I could and then made it down to Mt. Aukum, hoping Milk Guy didn't come while I was gone.  Bess and I got back as quickly as we could, and waited.  With the time change, sundown comes early and my habit is to have dinner before going to the barn.  (If it gets dark any sooner, I'll be eating dinner at noon.)  Do I start cooking and mess up the kitchen?  There had been no word and no sign of Milk Guy, so I pretty much figured he wouldn't be coming.  A rumbling tummy made my decision, and I had everything timed so I would have a few minutes to eat before chores.  The goats have to be inside by 5 or they balk at going in at all.  Just before I was going to plate up, Milk Guy pulled in.  I'm grateful for the business and didn't want him to feel I was giving him the bum's rush, but the sun was sinking fast.  I followed him out and hurried to the barn.  The girls, as predicted, didn't want to go into the darkened barn.  By the time I got them tucked in, Ginger was the next best thing to panicked, sure she'd be left out in the night.  The Silkies had given up and put themselves to bed.  I came in to a stone-cold dinner, but the waiting was over.

Perspective is a funny thing.  I can do nothing all day and be perfectly satisfied with that.  Doing nothing while "waiting" for something or someone feels like a wasted day.  I need to adjust my attitude. 

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Kathryn said...

My comment for the day is, "I have no comment!!" Nuff said!