Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Busy Days Ahead

Rain is due to come in tonight, bringing cold temperatures for the next couple of days.  I've got to remember to put some nails in my pocket before going to the barn this morning so I can put up what I call storm windows (covers for the window openings) for the girls.

It must be something in the Leghorn genes.  As I came back up the hill, sure enough, one of the brown Leghorns was outside the chicken pen just as Runaway Rhonda used to be.  Fortunately, she snuck back under the fence to get her share of the milk.  Not about to lose another hen to predators, I had to jerry-rig some way to block two openings.  It's not pretty, but it works.

I had planned to take myself to lunch in town yesterday (an anniversary celebration) and do a bit of shopping.  However, with rain coming Camille needed to get another side of her barn painted and we both worry about her getting up on a ladder "alone."  It wouldn't do for her to call me and me be far away in an emergency, so I stayed home and blew a ton of leaves off the deck.  The trees aren't through dropping their load, but the leaf blower isn't much good when the leaves are wet and I wanted to get ahead of the game.

I'd been going around the house thinking, "Okay, I'll need to get this, that, and the other thing done before Thanksgiving," but not too far ahead of time.  As I checked my little grocery list in late afternoon, I also looked at the calendar and my jaw dropped.  Thanksgiving is next week!  Gadzooks, I'm going to get caught behind the eight-ball if I don't get a move on.  Shopping for a holiday dinner is pretty extensive, not the quick, in-and-out trip I'd planned.  That doesn't even begin to address the major house cleaning ahead.  Aargh!

I tried to get a picture of the Super Moon (and it was big!) as it rose last night, but got no cooperation from the camera.  Evidently, the moon has not been this close to earth since the 1940s.  I tried.

Things to do and places to go.  There are busy days ahead.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I smile as I remember our lunch on that date a few years ago. Please forgive my lack of acknowledgement. To be honest...I remembered BEFORE the day, but my "Grammy Brain" seems to have some "Duh" moments and I missed the actual day.