Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Water Works

Rain or shine, Clay is coming up today.  If it rains, we'll stay in and eat cookies I baked just in case trick-or-treaters came by last night (no one did).  If the sun shines, we'll take a load of trash to the dump.  I was stymied in my plans to get ready for the potential outing because I didn't know which truck we might take.  There's a ton of trash around here, not the least of which is all the ceiling and insulation stuff that fell down in the shed from all those acorns.  Whenever I find myself in a quandary, my solution is to head for the kitchen to cook.  If we go to town, I plan to take Clay to Bones or Poor Red's, but just in case we don't, I wanted to be prepared and decided to make a pot of chili.  The corn bread will wait until we know the plan for the day.  Corn bread is always best hot from the oven.

About the time I was slicing and dicing to prep for the chili, Jim Hammonds drove up to finish repairing the wiring that operates the pressure tank.  Last week he'd jerry-rigged a quick fix and yesterday he did his usual, very professional job and now the wiring is secure.  Jim brags that I was his very first customer when he started his own water pump business, and I'm proud that he is so successful now.  I appreciate that we've become good friends, as well.  Debbie, his wife and sidekick, had her own project at home this time.  Jim plans his schedule so that I'm his last call of the day so he can enjoy a cold beer and we talk.  I continued to build the chili and it was fun to have an official taster.  He'd been leaning over the pot sniffing, so of course I handed him a spoon.  "Hmmm, needs a little more heat, I think."  So I added a can of diced jalapenos and more chili powder.  Another spoon (always use a clean one for taste testing) and, "You've nailed it."

Little to no rain yesterday, some last night, and today I know the inside water works, regardless.

It will be a good day.

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