Wednesday, November 16, 2016

T-Day Minus Eight

Not being part of the routine, of course I forgot to take nails to the barn yesterday.  Scrounging nails from the one remaining cover, I was able to put up two window coverings for the girls' protection.  Under a blue sky on a warm day, it was difficult to believe they'd be necessary, but it's done (minus one).

I've made the same Thanksgiving dinner for over fifty(!) years with few additions or changes to the menu.  Hey, if it works, stick with it.  The star, of course, is the turkey.  No wimpy bird will do, and I know the grocery store down in Cameron Park would carry the 23-24 pounder I needed at a good price.  I've not been there in some long time and so was surprised to see that the store's name had changed, as well as placement of items in the aisles.  Shopping took a lot longer than I'd hoped as I cruised up and down, back and forth, passing the evaporated milk for pumpkin pie at least three times.  I just love shopping...not!  Cart overflowing, I finally got checked out.  By then the sky was completely overcast and the wind was rising as groceries were loaded into the truck.  In the few blocks it took to get to the freeway, rain started falling and continued to fall until I got to Diamond Springs.  I imagined unloading all those bags and the looks I'd be getting from the goats, but I got lucky and it wasn't raining at home.  At first.  Groceries in the house and then a race to the barn to put the girls to bed, chickens next.  One more task, taking the trash to the big road.  That's when my luck ran out and I got soaked hauling the bins from Camille's driveway across the road.  Ready to sit down and take a breath, I saw all those groceries waiting to be put away.  Aarrgh.

Day One done, and counting.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh I HATE those Arghh moments, and I have them way too often now. When my dad was alive, dinner was a regular healthy event, followed by dishes being done before any sitting down and watching TV. Now...not s'much. I'll do part and then give up - only to have those Arghh moments. I know I should change my habits...but it hasn't happened yet.