Sunday, November 6, 2016


"Winner, winner, chicken dinner!"  Any time my Kids visit, I am the big winner, then add in that Deb and Craig did, indeed, bring a KFC chicken dinner yesterday and I was over the moon.  Since it is a thirty-minute drive to town, there is no such thing as fast food up here (unless top ramen from the cupboard counts), so that was a real treat.

As we were eating, Deb reminded me that the Breeders' Cup was running at Santa Anita, so we went in to watch that and start placing our bets.  Did I mention that we are a competitive group?  Horse racing, poker, NASCAR, football, doesn't matter.  No one could accuse us to being the last of the big spenders, however.  Poker has a $2 buy-in (nickle, dime, quarter chips), and bets on anything else are a nickle.  As for emotions, that nickle could as easily be a thousand dollars.  I had high hopes for Miss Temple City, but she let me down.  I grew up in Temple City and I felt betrayed as I once again dug in my pocket for another coin.  That darn Deb won five out of six races (Craig won once), and she gloated over her stash of thirty cents, twenty-five of which had been mine.  We were all Chromies so the last race was a wash as far as bets were concerned, and there was a unanimous groan when California Chrome lost by a neck to Arrogate.  As the saying goes, that's horse racing.

The weather was good, the dinner was yummy, and the company was terrific.  I'd say that made the whole day a winner.


Kathryn Williams said...
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Kathryn Williams said...

Chicken Dinner and EVERYBODY was a winner! (Our KFC just closed!)

Kathryn Williams said...

I removed the first comment because it was a duplicate - not sure what happened but I think it was "operator error!"