Saturday, November 26, 2016

T-Day Plus Two

There is a drawback to having a wood stove as the source of heat.  It's necessary to keep a close eye when starting a fire lest it die out or catch on while you're not watching and send flames up into the chimney.  The temperature had plummeted yesterday but I didn't have time to babysit the wood stove, so the house was absolutely frigid when Linda arrived.  How cold was it?  Well, I had reheated all the dishes from Thanksgiving and took them out of the oven piping hot just as Linda arrived.  We filled our plates and took them into the dining room.  Halfway through, the ice-cold plate needed to go into the microwave to heat up again.  It was that cold.

After eating, we went into the living room so I could start a fire and hopefully warm up.  Of course, yesterday was the day the wood would not catch.  Flames would give a glimmer of hope and then die.  Three times I lit the fire.  We did have a nice visit, Linda with the piggy neck warmer on and probably wishing she had gloves.  Naturally, just as it was time for her to leave, the stove started throwing out heat.  Aargh.

Lesson learned, I will light the stove before going down to the barn today.  Harold is coming for late lunch-early dinner (Thanksgiving times three for me).  If this keeps up, I will start sprouting feathers.

At least sunset had a good blaze going last evening.

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Kathryn Williams said...

We had our Thanksgiving meal on Friday, so I have yet to have leftovers and I gave a bunch away - hoping for at least one T plus meal as it is my favorite dinner of all time!