Monday, November 7, 2016


I awoke in the State of Confusion yesterday.  I visit there so often I should put in a change of address card.  Fully aware that Sunday was the dreaded time change, I intended to turn back the clocks Sunday night (duh).  The clock said 5 a.m., my usual wake-up time, but the computer said 4.  And the day went downhill from there.  Obviously, I had it wrong.

I tried to split the difference between new-old time to keep the girls on some semblance of schedule in the barn.  That didn't work out so well, as Tessie got up on her high horse and again refused to come in.  The goats have a highly defined sense of time and expect me to stay on track.

Okay, fine.  NASCAR was running in Texas and I settled down to watch the race.  It was raining in Texas so the start was delayed.  It was delayed so long that I went out to work on my relationship with John Dear and mow down the west field.  We had a failure to communicate at first.  It wasn't John's fault.  I had forgotten about the PTO button that allows the blades to spin.  John has a larger mowing deck and a shorter turn radius than Fu, and that took some getting used to.  It was a pleasure, however, to find that John has the next best thing to power steering and a much more comfortable seat.  No bucking bull ride on this boy.  Finished taking down three-foot-high, dead star thistle in that field, I put John in his shed and went back to watch the race.  Still on rain delay.

It's a good indicator of either frustration or boredom that I decided to make another run up to the grocery store.  They say a watched pot doesn't boil and I guess that's so.  After a five-hour delay(!), the race started while I was gone.  The blankety-blank time change screwed up bedtime for the critters.  What had been 6 o'clock was now 5 o'clock, and the overcast sky put it closer to 4:30.  Ratchafratch.

Like the chickens, I am conditioned to fall asleep not long after dark regardless of the time, and a nap in the chair is mandatory before going to bed.  I fell asleep and missed the end of that endless race.

It was a cattywumpus day, start to finish.

(And I woke up at what is now 4 a.m. today.  Aarrgh.)


Emmy Abrahams said...

I think many of us were up at four..glad your blog arrived early.
And so dark already when I came back from local show yesterday hey, what's going on ?
And try to remember to leave the light on porch lit, so I can find the keyhole.

Welcome to the winter months..luckily there are only four...and we soon will be remarking how the buds are coming out

Kathryn Williams said...

Ay-yi-yi...what a day!!