Friday, November 18, 2016

Winter White

It sure looked like winter here yesterday.  Heavy, heavy frost on everything and temp down in the 30s.  Definitely needed gloves and a warm jacket when I went to tend the goats.  Tessie isn't happy being held in isolation until all the others are done, but it's her own fault.  The sun was warm and the girls all laid down to soak it up, especially Esther, who chose a spot next to the barn wall to rest her head and get reflected heat.

It wasn't just the frost that was white yesterday.  On the way back to the house and carrying two buckets of milk, I tripped and did a classic face-plant.  The buckets went flying and milk sprayed back over me.  After I did a systems check and found nothing broken (bruised, yes), I had to laugh.  I wished I could have seen it.

I really must keep better track of what day it is.  It was firm in my mind that my lunch guest was coming yesterday and started prepping for her arrival.  She's very prompt so when the time came and went, I called, somewhat worried.  She is  Sigh.

Good Son Clay came up with a truck bed and trailer full of firewood.  Poor guy had to load it by himself, but I helped with unloading.  There's more to be done with this bounty, as it needs to be split and stacked. I think I'll enlist Helper Dude for that.

Awoke in the dark this morning to the sound of Bessie Anne yarking up on the bed.  Not may favorite way to wake up.  She went right back to sleep.  I could not.  I see laundry in my future today.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh very sorry about your face plant...but glad you came up in one piece. And Helper Dude sounds like a good idea for Clay's wood!