Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was gently brought to my attention that I am a day early in proclaiming Veterans Day.  This is a surprise, because I'm usually a day late and a dollar short.  However, (as I explained to my friend) I skipped Monday this week and so I am right on [my] schedule!  Screwing up the dates has no bearing on the sentiments, which I honestly feel every day of the year.  George Washington probably doesn't know when his own birthday is gets moved around more than Daylight Savings Time...and we're celebrating Thanksgiving on the twentieth.  Who knows which end is up?  For those of us who live by sunup/sundown and without an end to the week...well, our "reality" pretty much ends at the bottom of the driveway.  I'm thinking of buying stock in a belated-birthday card company, because that's mainly what I send...if I send at all. 

Those saturated turkeys on the drive?...they've roosted on the roof of the feed barn, fluffing and strutting in the pale sunshine that is just breaking through.  They don't know what day it is, either...but they know it's time for breakfast!


Kathryn said...

Well here's something that we can all celebrate today that is totally IS the birthday of the Marine today the Marines, and tomorrow and ALL days, the Veterans! (Speaking of musical chairs calendar dates...I saw that next year, Easter is on April 24??????)

Mark said...

Working across the Dateline is cause for nearly daily inquiries of "What day is it?" and must be clarified with "Here or There?" as our schedule is based on "Mainland Time". Bo, you would fit in out here.. in most instances. A birthday wish due Monday but delivered on Tuesday (Wake time) would actually end up being "on time". The postal delivery is only every two weeks so if you insist on sending cards your business idea of stock in belated-birthday cards would generate a lot of interest here.

The island is a mixture of on-duty Air Force, Army and Marines, off-duty soldiers passing through after fuel stops, and dozens of retired military turned Contractors. The chow hall TV is tuned to Armed Forces Network (AFN) so the special recognition is both observed and highly appreciated. On the Veterans behalf..Thank You..and Bo your one day earlier there made it right on time here.