Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Tis the Season

One sure sign that the holiday season is fast approaching is a visit from Steve's twin brother and his family, and they arrived yesterday with bells, whistles, and goodies for lunch.  The brothers were fraternal twins, not looking alike, but sharing a gentle, good nature and a gift of gab, and they give good hugs.  Like their father, Stan and Steve could make a friend of a fence post in five minutes.  Lynne is an athlete, running in marathons, bicycling, kayaking...I get tired just thinking of it all.  Both Stan and Lynne have a passion for whatever it is they do.  Making beer has become more than a hobby, and the entire family benefited when Lynne took up quilting.  It seems impossible that Lauren, that quiet little baby and shy young girl, is in college now.  Another one of those "time flies" reminders.  I had already made the dough for pasta, and they had their first experience in rolling out fresh spaghetti.  Their dogs, Petey, an old golden lab, and Lucy, a long-haired mini
daschund, came too.  Bessie Anne is used to big dogs, but didn't know quite what to make of Lucy, about half her size.  Bess was a gracious hostess, allowing Petey and Lucy to raid her toy box, but running to my side if I tried to pet either of the guests to remind me that she was my girl. 

It is also the season of changeable weather.  Yesterday was cold, but sunny.  A storm with wind and rain blew in overnight and it looks like it's going to be a blustery day.  All subject to change, Deb and Craig had planned to come up and spend the night, and Dave, Zach, Brandon and Clay were coming to split wood.  Who knows...the storm may be over by daybreak...or not.  Maybe they'll all come up anyhow and we can play poker!


Linda Cox said...

Thanksgiving redux! :-)

Kathryn said...

However the storm lets it turn out, it sounds like this long Thanksgiving weekend will be full of fun, laughter, and hugs - provided some or all of the second wave is able to make it "over the river and through the woods!!" Have fun, all!