Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change of Address

It appears I have moved to the State of Confusion, (according to Cousin Mark, I'm not alone).  Reality check:  it is Thursday, November 11, 2010, in this time zone (and today is Veterans Day!).  I'm still a little iffy on the time.  Even my circadian rhythm has been thrown off kilter.  Nightfall is at approximately five o'clock, so now my body thinks bedtime should come about seven-thirty.  Bessie Anne, faithful companion that she is, has joined me here in Confusion.  She normally takes care of all doggie business prior to coming in at dark.  Coming in so early now left her needing to go walkies at ten p.m.  I learned my lesson about not letting her out alone at night after her clandestine meetings with any number of skunks, so there's nothing for it but to throw on shoes and coat (and my wonderful lighted hard-hat that Craig made) and take Bess out on the leash.  It was cold enough that she didn't dawdle, and cold enough that we were both wide awake upon returning to the house.  That threw off wake-up time this was an unbelievable six a.m., and the sun was shining.  Now today is going to be off kilter, too.  Oh, good grief.  My mother had sayings for almost any/every occasion, and today I can hear her saying, "Well, it's confusin', but not amusin'." 

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Kathryn said...

Sorry, but it IS "amusin!" No, I'm not making fun of YOU, but because you are so damn good at telling a story, it MAKES it "amusin!" And we know you are a quick learner, so just remember: a) 11/11 is "flag raisin'" day; and b) slip on shoes, throw on coat, don hard hat, attach leash, and go for walkies BEFORE you girls pack it in for the night! And here's hoping you get your kilter back soon!