Friday, November 12, 2010

Doubletake Times Two

I had to take a second look at that flock of large dark birds gathered at the end of the driveway loop yesterday.  That's where the toms congregate before their stroll up the hill for breakfast, but something wasn't quite right.  It's just not often one sees a group of pedestrian vultures...soaring on the thermals, perched on fenceposts, dining on roadkill...not walking along the drive in the early morning sun.  Were they on an undercover mission, disguised as turkeys?  To what purpose?  I do not want to look past the monitor and see one of those guys staring in the window!

Dawn temperatures are in the low thirties and Joel's tomato plants are showing signs of frostbite.  I was invited over yesterday afternoon to gather some "ruined" tomatoes for the little girls before the garden goes under for the winter.  We got to laughing when I did a doubletake and discovered some tomatillos hiding amongst the tomato vines.  Plant one tomatillo and you will have them for life!  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but should one decide enough is enough, it takes eons to eradicate the plants.  They are dedicated to propagation and throw up volunteers year after year after year.  I think this is the third or fourth season since Joel pulled up the last one he actually planted.  Having gone through this myself, I think it's pretty funny.


Mark said...

Were Tom & Jerry the cartoon character birds? Anyway, I can hear the voices of the vultures as they walk up the drive. "It's too friggin cold to be flyin up there today...I got cramps in my wing joints for cryin out loud. Let's walk up da hill and see what the turkeys are doin to keep warm". Tomatillos Forever is the chant of the day. I planted some (on purpose) over 6 years ago and their still propagating like bunnies. Same with the Sun Flowers.

Kathryn said...

'Tis almost 12 hours after you wrote the blog...did ya figure out what the vagabond vultures were doing?