Friday, November 19, 2010

Clear the Decks

Nothing on our Thanksgiving menu is difficult to cook...straightforward dishes, every one...but nothing can be prepared more than a day in advance, either.  Pie crust gets soggy, Jello gets watery, and turkey cannot be stuffed until just before it goes in the oven.  Clear the decks and will be spent in the kitchen! 

Tree Guy's second son came yesterday and made trip after trip up and down the goat pen, hauling twiggy stuff and heaving it over the fence.  Tree Guy got worried about the girls possibly stepping on hot coals and decided to do the burn pile up where I normally burn.  Bless his heart.  As if that didn't make No. Two's job hard enough, the wind came up something fierce and he couldn't get the pile to light or stay lit.  It caught and took off just after he'd told me he was going to call it a day.  So much for that plan.  I imagine he is pretty discouraged, however, because after four hours' work, there is barely a dent in the pile of brush down in the pen.  Hopefully he'll consider that as job security!

The weather report now predicts snow to fifteen hundred feet...I am so hoping it holds off until Sunday or, if that's too much to ask, at least until after the family leaves tomorrow.  The driveway is steep and I'm the only one in the family with four-wheel drive.  When not in the kitchen or the barn today, I've got to turn off water to the outlying faucets and put those freeze bonnets on the remainder.  Several loads of firewood were brought to the porch yesterday.  This storm is coming straight down from Alaska.  It will be the Silkies' first experience with snow.  Either those big, feathered feet will act like great snowshoes, or they'll collect ice balls like happened with an English sheepdog I once had.  Chickens surprisingly seem to do quite well in snow. 

Odds are I won't make an entry here tomorrow.  That bird will have to go into the oven pretty darned early if I'm to get the Kids fed and out of here before dark.  There is a Thanksgiving toast I've made for years; I can't say it out loud anymore without crying and so I won't, but I mean it with all my heart:  "For those who have gone before us; for those who will come after us; especially for those who are with us now...I am truly thankful."


Kathryn said...

What a beautiful toast, and here's wishing that all of your chores, inside and out, get finished with time left for you to put your feet up for a while tonight, and that the snow starts falling as the last loved one gets down the driveway and out of the hills! ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH THOSE SPECIAL PEOPLE!! (Oh, and let the weather hold so that the wheels can come off the Taj!)

Cally Kid said...

Snow? Um, snow? I'm going to Google it. OHHHH, I remember now! It's white and wet and COLD, right? Cool! Sounds like TG underbid the job but he's going to do the job right. I can almost smell the dinner in the oven. You have a wonderful time with your deserve it. And, I agree, a great toast.