Monday, November 22, 2010

The Day After

Man, I was one whupped puppy yesterday.  It's a good thing nothing was on the agenda but NASCAR.  Jimmy Johnson won his fifth straight championship.  So what else is new...ho hum.  Bessie Anne obviously felt the same way.  It spit rain and snow off and on all day...good to stay indoors, keep the fire going, the hummers fed, and doze now and then. 

The new camera has many, many options and the manual is only accessible through the computer.  I am big on reading manuals and learning how to work all the features of anything new.  The photos themselves are really, really clear, but there were a few more roadblocks in transferring to the computer, and again in transferring to the blog, so they came out rather blurry, I fear.  Out here in the back of beyond, I can only get dial-up and it took over half an hour to post each picture.  That's more than a little discouraging.  Maybe today will be better.

Or not.  Well, I guess twenty minutes is better than thirty.  That is MY pile of chips in the foreground, by the way!  The poker game is a kind of round robin, players changing dependent upon what's going on in the kitchen.  Some families watch football, some fight, some just come for the food.  My family plays poker!  As I look at this picture, Dave somehow makes me think of the guitar player with ZZ Top.  That white behind Dave was the ongoing mist, rain, hail, and snow that alternated all day. 

I must ask for indulgence when I boast about my Kids.  I'd brag about knowing these people if they were not my Kids.  Gatherings of the clan take on all the aspects of a well-choreographed dance.  Everyone takes part without direction.  The boys who arrived first brought more firewood up to the house while I finished milking.  They all know to stay out of my way while I'm cooking (my kitchen, my rules).  Craig took care of some incidental outdoor tasks during lulls in the storm, like putting wire over a ripped screen in the big hen house window.  Susan makes a killer salad, and this year she brought stuffed baked potatoes.  Deb is, as she has always been, my right hand in everything.  I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't got at least one daughter like mine.  The boys took on carving the turkey (my job ends when the bird comes out of the oven).  The table was set before I knew it, and the whole crew cleaned up after dinner, did dishes, and parcelled out leftovers while I put the kids to bed.  And then the cards and chips came out again!  Still pictures can't show the chatter and the constant laughter, the good-natured ribbing back and forth, but perhaps they do show the love.

Thanksgiving 2010.


Kathryn said...

The pictures only capture an instant in time, but YOU show us the love (and the chatter and constant laughter) with your wonderful story telling. Thank you, THANK YOU, for taking your time each day to enrich my life by sharing yours. And don't you dare ask for indulgence about your Kids. ANY parent should love to hear about the goodness and kindness of others, and when they are yours and you are proud (and should be) of them, you have every right to share. Now if you were just bragging about superficial things (ala "wear it, drive it, live in it,"), that would be something different, but acts of kindness and generosity speak to the very essence of a person, so all indulgences are happily granted. OK, I'm only one person reading this blog, but since I seem to be the chief commenter, I'll take it upon myself to speak for the group, and if anyone wishes to disagree...well then he/she will have to come out of the shadows (haha)! Oh, and by the way, "Momma Bear..." all us parents know that we are only PARTIALLY responsible for whom they become when they are grown Kids, but obviously you played a big part in shaping their souls!

And my last comment is...last night when I saw the pics, I was astounded at the clarity, and it held when I enlarged them to get a better look, so whatever you are seeing, know that it is DAMN good on our end too. Thanks for taking the time to get the pics on here. Sounds like with the slowness of the downloading of them, and the speed with which you read, you might get some books finished while we get to see pics!!

Enjoy the memories of your weekend, and bask in the glow of memories and embers, if you are inside by your fire! (And I'm slightly jealous...the laughter and camaraderie is one of my FAVORITE parts of card/poker games, and I can't get anyone to "shut up and deal!" I have to import friends from Ohio before we can seem to get a game! Nice stack of chips, by the way!

Cally Kid said...

"Katie bar the door, Bos' in the kitchen!" Obvious that all had a great feast and an enjoyable weekend with family. You reap what you sow and obviously you are full of powerful fertilizer for the growing. Did I just imply you were full of....oh never mind, we already knew that. In spite of your fertilized (or maybe because of...) you've been able to surround yourself with a warm family. Congrats!