Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foiled Again

Computer 1 - me 0.  I've got to figure out why it takes so long to download photos from the new camera.  Got a couple of good, unexpected snapshots yesterday, but after an hour of fighting the download process this morning to retrieve even one, I give up (temporarily).  I'm racing to get everything electrical done because a major storm hit during the night and power is always iffy in this situation.  The wind is howling and rain is beating a tattoo on the windows, and it's nasty enough that I've forgone taking the trash to the big road.  It's enough that I'm still facing going out to the barn.  Where are those serfs and minions when you need them?  I changed over to flannel sheets last night.  I like a chill bedroom for sleeping, but see no reason to punish myself by sliding between ice-cold sheets.  I wish Tree Guy had been able to finish the job on that oak over the barn.  It's light enough now to see the trees bending and quaking in the wind.  Instead of hovering, the hummingbirds are clinging to the footholds on the fueling stations.  Poor little things; like leaves, they could be blown into the next county in a heartbeat!  In winter (which seems to have arrived early this year), the last thing to do before bedtime is to throw a log or two on the fire before shutting the vent on the wood stove to keep a good bed of coals.  Then, in the morning, after shuffling sleepily down the hall on the way to the kitchen to start the coffee, I open the vent and throw on another log so it lights and starts warming the house for the day.  That pretty much sums up living up here:  plan ahead and be prepared, summer or winter. 

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Kathryn said...

Yes, you DO need some serfs and minions...your 4-legged companions are wonderful, but they just can't get the goats milked, the trash to the big road, or the fire stoked. You DO know that you make some of us flatlanders look bad, don't you? You do more work in ONE day than some of us do in a week! With that said...stay warm and cozy!