Saturday, November 20, 2010


Woke up at dark o'clock, rolled over the check the time...noooo!  No little red numbers, ergo no time.  No power.  Nooo!  Not today of all days.  Anything later than three-thirty would be a good thing.  Found the cell phone (thankfully powered up yesterday) and checked its clock.  Two-fifteen!  Too early...way too early.  Found my way to the living room where the land line phone is and PG&E is on speed dial.  Called PG&E...power might be back on by five a.m.  Oh goody.  Was not about to stuff the turkey in the dark, and knew I'd never make it through the day on three hours' sleep, so Bessie Anne, Frank and I went back to bed (Pearl never got up in the first place).  They started snoring immediately, while I fought down thoughts of panic, trying to go back to sleep.  I had worried about snow.  Ha!  Snow can be overcome.  What about no electric oven for the turkey?  What about no toilets for the guests?  What about...?  The thoughts just kept coming, and none of them were good.  Should I call the Kids after daylight and cancel Thanksgiving?  Was there any way we could make it through this?  Yeesh.  When sleep finally came, my dreams were as troubled as when I was awake, but sleep I did.  Not necessarily a good thing, as when I awoke the second time it was six o'clock.  I could tell it was six o'clock because the electricity was back on.  That turkey should have gone in the oven by five!  Ah, well.  It's like being stuck in traffic...once you're're late.  No sense worrying about it then because there's nothing you can do to change it.  It is what it is.  There is a light dusting of snow...just enough to be beautiful and not enough to cause problems.  The sky has a slight overcast with plenty of blue showing.  The turkey is in the oven.  All the side dishes were prepared yesterday.  I'm on schedule for the animals.  My Kids will be here today.  I've got so much for which to be thankful.  Yes!!


Kathryn said...

YAY for sure! I almost didn't check the blog before heading out...but here you are. I DID check your weather - as close as I could get on, and it said rain and wind, but no snow - obviously not totally correct, but sounds like you are on track for a WONDERFUL day!! Here's to turkey and side dishes and no slippery driveway and KIDS!!! Enjoy!

Linda Cox said...

Have a fabulous weekend!