Saturday, November 13, 2010

By the Way

By the way is exactly where I did not want to get when I was told after getting the oil changed in the truck that the battery had tested bad ("Bad battery!  Bad, bad, bad!"), I went immediately to get a replacement.  I've been stuck in out of the way places before...even home is an out of the way place...with a dead battery.  It's not fun, and I was glad of the opportunity to be proactive for a change.  I had thought a two o'clock appointment would get me home well before dark, but everything takes longer than one expects or plans, so I was racing sundown on the way back.  The hens, even the Silkies, had already gone into their coops for the night when I parked and dashed to tuck them in.  They didn't get their nightie-night treat, and I felt like a bad mommy, sending the kids to bed without supper.  I anticipated problems getting the goats to go into a darkened barn.  Nineteen was too busy trying futilely to ride the girls bareback to notice the time, and the girls were whimpering, anxious to get inside (and get away), so it all went much better than I'd thought. 

By the way, I was also told the front brakes were bad...naughty, naughty truck.

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Kathryn said...

Maybe "Naughty" is all in the perspective. Just think of it this way...if the truck had REALLY wanted to be naughty, it would have had its battery go bad WITHOUT warning, or its brakes fail WITHOUT maybe, just maybe THIS time, it did NOT want to be naughty...just bad enough to get your attention before anything REALLY bad could happen. And good for the little girls for taking care of themselves...suppose you have a "mother hen?"