Monday, November 8, 2010

Semiannual Snit

"They" did it again.  "They" changed the time.  I wish "they" would just leave it alone.  The nameless, faceless "they" don't seem to realize that there are going to be only so many hours of daylight, regardless of how the clock is manipulated.  "Gain an hour/lose an hour" is gibberish...being an hour early or an hour late for an appointment (if one happened to have such a thing) is not.  Messing with milking time is not funny.  There are those who might think that regularly waking up at four-thirty is a bit strange, but even when you're a morning person, finding that you've awakened at three-thirty, thanks to the new time, is just nuts!  Putting the animals to bed at five o'clock screws up my own dinner time, and it makes for a long, long evening after dark.  Where is the saving of electricity in that? 

There...that's off my chest and I feel better.

It was definitely a soggy Sunday...the rain fell all day long and we ended up with over an inch and a half by nightfall (which, as I said, was early!).  The day before I'd been dripping sweat and wanting a cold beer.  Twenty-four hours later, I was dripping rain water and wanting a hot buttered rum.  It was a good day for a fire in the wood stove, a pot of stew and a loaf of homemade Anadama bread.  The bread recipe has been around since Colonial days, but I'd never tried it before.  The addition of a little cornmeal gives a nice crunch to the crust and a lovely texture and flavor to the bread.  The makers of those aerosol air fresheners are missing the mark...if they really wanted to make a house smell homey and inviting, they should bottle the smell of baking bread.


Mark said...

Aw, the talk of the fall transition paints pictures in my mind of the colors that fall bring to paint the landscape. On my first trip to Hawaii, in my teens, I quickly noticed that the lack of 4 seasons was something I missed. Now in my "post teens" and in the South Pacific again my urge is to start the morning seeing the coffee steam exaggerately in the progressively chilling air, smell the smokey fragrance of a newly built fire, wearing boots instead of flip-flops to walk through the newly fallen leaves as I go out to make a last minute check to see if I can find a late season bunch of grapes that the birds haven't found yet and all the while surrounded by the myriad of different colored leaves. And I almost forgot natures natural Xmas tree, the persimmon. Stripped naked of its' leaves as the first frosts begin, the bright orange fruits are revealed, hanging like giant Xmas ornaments waiting to be picked for the December batch of cookies and bread. One of these seasons I'm going to decorate the tree with silver tinsel and top it with a star.
I called Dawn this morning and she added the finishing touch on my daydream to go with your fresh baked bread...she's making a pot of stew in the slow-cooker. I can smell it now. Ummm. Thanks for the reminder of the glorious 4 seasons. Now, back to reality. Weather Report today: High of 82 degrees, occasional clouds with a chance of (warm) showers, light winds from the SE and a low of 78 overnight. No need to check tomorrows forecast for this report will be the same until the rainy season starts next October.

Kathryn said...

"Modern DST was first proposed by the New Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson, whose shift-work job gave him leisure time to collect insects, and made him aware of the value of after-hours daylight!"

And here I thought it had to do with farmers having more time to work in the fields. There was one other Englishman who proposed the idea because he didn't like to cut his golf game short as the sun went down. And yes, electric bills or candle usage was mentioned, but THE WHOLE THING IS ARBITRARY and for someone's bug-collecting or golfing pleasure???? Seems nuts, doesn't it? Obviously the bug guy and the golf guy did not have to milk animals or put them to bed. And they must not have had little children on bedtime schedules, or they would have seen how ridiculous it is to screw around with the sun! I have never given it so much thought, but now that I have...why???? I'm surprised that "they" have not suggested giving us 25 hours in a day! "They" think that "they" can control the climate...why not the sun?? Ooooo - soap boxes are contagious!