Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

 I was reminded of a kids' TV program from eons ago...Romper which Miss Nancy had characters like Good Do-Bee and Watch-Bird ("This is a Watch-Bird watching you!"), when I glanced out the window past the computer and saw this tom turkey watching me yesterday afternoon.  His brethren were doing normal turkey things behind him in the driveway, but this Big Bird (yes, that's from the Muppets) settled down and watched me for a long time.  I guess turn-about is fair play in Fair Play...I sure spend enough time watching them.
I was at the polls when the doors opened yesterday and would have been the first to vote if I hadn't held the door for two ladies even older than myself.  The "officials" had to put down their coffee and donuts, so there was time to chat before the ballots were handed out.  I just love voting "country style."  I am trying to keep this apolitical, and will just say this was a very interesting election, not only in California but in the nation. 

I do try to stay abreast of what is happening out in the big world, but I much prefer life here in my little world, where we keep watch for each other (with a bird's eye view).


Kathryn said...

Maybe the turkeys decided that they would take turns on sentry duty so that none of them ends up on your Thanksgiving table!! And yes, keeping watch for/on each other, a la small town, is the way we USED to do it, and it worked so well...churches and small communities helped each other and fewer people fell thru the cracks. Let's here it for the Farview and Fair Play way of life!

Oh, I get it now...your Mr. Tom Turkey had gotten word about your indoor Bed & Breakfast and he is deciding if he wants to knock/peck on the door and take a stroll around inside!!!

Kathryn said...

OK...let me make this correct..."Let's HEAR it for the Farview and Fair Play way of life!"