Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Big Adventure

In a complete reversal of our roles, I am going down to the valley to see Dolly today.  (I will not, however, be taking rain.)  Sacramento is all of 60-75 miles away.  I get down there once, maybe twice a year.  When she issued the invitation, there was a long pause.  "That would mean I'd have to leave home."  "Well, yes, there is that."  It was a pretty big deal for me when I went to Fiddletown last week.  I put off grocery shopping until the cupboard is bare.  The less I leave home, the less I want to leave.  There are times when I catch cabin fever, but that is an illness that passes quickly.  Regardless, because I am so looking forward to seeing Dolly and her family, I will gird my loins (that is on my dress-code check list), make sure all animals and fowl have food and water, and make the trek down the hill on the Big Road.  I'll be back this afternoon.  I'll be fine.

Go-To Guy and Mrs. GT came yesterday to fix the PVC faucet and pipe.  On a trip to the feed store cum hardware store earlier, I'd picked up a new inline turn-off valve.  It was pure dumb luck that I got the right size for the existing pipe.  Turns out that a pipe that measures 1" across is considered 3/4".  Who knew?  Must be some secret code that guys have devised.  GT did not enlighten me, he only laughed.  At any rate, I am now (for the moment) dripless.

I'm gearing up for a big adventure today.

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Kathryn said...

I hope the travel portion was speedy and UNeventful and I hope the visit was EVENTFUL!!