Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Eyes Have It

I wish I had the equipment and the expertise to take photos of the furries' eyes to share.  Bessie Anne has had "people eyes" since puppyhood.  Large and liquid brown with whites showing (unlike so many typical dogs whose irises fill the area), her expressions are unmistakeable.  What she thinks is right there in her eyes.

Many cats have yellow eyes.  Redheaded Ralph's are an unusual deep red-gold and match his fur perfectly.  His expression is generally one of surprise.  The cat whose eyes brought me to the subject in the first place is Celeste.  Being the shyest and spending most of her time in the bat cave, I've not been able to pay as much attention to Celeste.  When she has come close, it's mainly been to get a chin scratch, and she shut her eyes in pleasure with that smiley face cats get.  It was just the other day when I got a really, really good look at her up close and personal and was mesmerized.  I would have said her eyes were green, but they're more than that.  A ring of well-defined pale jade surrounds the pupil and beyond that is a ring of pale gold.  I've never seen eyes like hers before, stunningly beautiful.

As cold as it was, we did not get snow yesterday.  In fact, when I stepped out for a brief walkabout in the morning, I was standing in bright sunshine.  Looking to the south, it was pretty clear what was coming and I'd barely gotten back in the house before the rain poured down.  It was another day of unhappy goats.  The area in front of the barn had been churned into a quagmire of mud.  I really watch my footing down there as I wouldn't want to land in that!

The wood stove had done its job and the house was toasty when Camille and Olga came for lunch.  Good company and white chili warmed our insides, as well.  Honey is still on a leash and is not, repeat not, happy about that.  She is used to running and playing with Bessie and was very vocal in her displeasure.  Honey "talks," she does not whine.  Because Cam was holding the lead, Honey went to "Grandma" to tell how mean Cam was being.  If that weren't funny enough, Bessie Anne also went to Olga to ask for a reprieve for Honey, using the same vocalization tones.  When they got no positive results, boy, the look in Bessie's eyes spoke accusatory volumes.


Kathryn said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the velvety green hillsides at this time of year like in your photo!

Linda Cox said...

The green Kat is exactly what I jumped over to comment on. Northern Cal is so beautiful in the spring.