Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Did I Do?

Bessie Anne slept soundly well past 4:30 this morning.  That does not mean, however, that I was afforded the same luxury.  Ralph has been appointed her majordomo.  To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, he did a little potty paddling before patting my face with a wet paw for wakies.  For backup, a cold nose thrust repeatedly into a closed eye did the trick.  I'm retired, for crying out loud!  I should be sleeping late, eating bonbons and watching the soaps.  I must have done something wrong.

Morning Mouse misread the time schedule and was waiting for the commuter bus when I went out to get the bedtime snacks for the chickens.  I've not seen him in the evening before.  I thought for a minute a new mouse was in the barrel, but no, MM waited for a ride and got off at his stop just like always.  Who has trained whom?

Celeste is still finding her niche in the household.  Either at Bessie's direction or her own inclination, she keeps a pretty low profile during the day.  I don't see much of her.  Oh, once in awhile now that the weather is warmer she'll come out to sit at the screen door with Ralph and do a bit of bird watching, but soon heads back down the hall.  Bedtime, my bedtime, is another story.  "Pet me.  Pet me now!"  I go to bed because I'm tired, but she's having none of that.  She jumps on the pillow next to my head and headbutts and pats and snuggles, demanding the attention I would have willingly given during the day.

Bess is asleep with her head on my feet.  Ralph and Celeste are asleep on the pillows behind me.  I wish I had a recording of Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever."  I'd crank it up to full volume, that's what I'd do!

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