Sunday, April 20, 2014

Somebunny's Coming

The Kids are coming up today and in honor of the occasion, I dusted.  I dusted high, low, up, down, and in my lady's chamber.  With warm weather, open doors, wind, and all the mowing going on, dust was everywhere.  In case there is any doubt, dusting is not on my list of favorite things to do.  The thing is, it will have to be (or should be) done again tomorrow.  I really love it when everything is polished and shiny, but not enough to want to do it the next day and the next.

A word to the wise.  Anyone thinking about raising chicks in the house should be forewarned that they are messy little boogers.  I mean capital M messy.  They eat incessantly and fling their food and its byproduct everywhere.  Were it not for the tile floor, I'd be in a world of hurt.  The little girls (I hope they're girls) have real feathers now, so the air is full of tiny, fluffy floating pinfeathers.  Did I mention they're noisy?  I've got to get the outdoor pen ready for the day (and I mean the very day) they're old enough to live outside.

Plan B worked so well with Celeste that she is now stuck to me like a limpet.  We go from room to room together and she is sitting on my lap even as I write.  The warden has given up her duties and all three napped together on the loveseat yesterday as I moved about doing the dreaded-D dusting.  It's a good thing I have an oversized recliner.  At one time last evening I had Ralph, Celeste, and Bessie Anne in the chair with me, one big, happy family.

It's Easter, my son Pete's birthday, and some of the Kids are coming up.  It's a day worth dusting for.

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Kathryn said...

You have every reason to celebrate! Enjoy your day - spit, polished, dusted, and full of friendly kitties!