Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Day

The rain had stopped before barn chores, but it was like this most of the day.  Windows that had been opened were shut again and I thought about lighting a fire, but put on a heavier jacket instead.

At those times when the sun broke through, Bess and I would go outside.  In the front yard, I got a small start on weeding the lavender bed.  Pulling greens made the chickens happy.  There are enough weeds to keep them in ecstasy.  The breeze kicked in whenever the cloud cover returned so we'd go back in the house and work on the computer (I worked, Bessie napped).  Outside again, on the deck this time, the pincushion flowers are blooming.  These perennials have come back season after season for at least fifteen years.  Deadheading the plants extends the flowering.
Ta da!  The very first teensy-tiny little lettuce poked through.  (It doesn't take much to get a gardener excited.)  I didn't rush in to mix up a vinaigrette, but I was very happy to see the beginnings of a salad in my future.  I'm a piker next to Deb and Craig, who have started planting their garden in earnest.  Listening to their list of vegetables, plants and seeds, I'm encouraged to get out the weed-eater and work on my own "real" garden area.  For the time being, I'll settle for what I've got, one seed at a time.

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Kathryn said...

Lookin' Good! I love the color of the pin cushion flowers!