Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Word Is Good

There was a bad incident in the goat barn on Sunday.  Cindy is usually the last girl in for breakfast, but Tessie wasn't around at the moment so Cindy took advantage and came in early.  I put her head in the stock, gave her a bowl of cereal, grabbed the rake, shovel, and bucket and went around to clean the back stalls while she ate.  I heard her cry out and thought she was letting me know she was done, but then she really bawled.  Dropping everything, I ran around and found that, in my hurry to clean up, I'd not noted the latch hadn't fastened on the milking room door.  Tessie the unicorn was mad because Cindy had taken a cut in line, had come in and was bashing poor Cindy on the stand.  With her head locked in, there wasn't a darned thing Cindy could do to protect herself or get away.  I got Tessie out and freed Cindy, apologizing profusely and promising I wouldn't let that happen ever again.

Gaining an animal's trust is so important to me and I work hard to gain it.  Yesterday Cindy was very reluctant to even come in for breakfast and I didn't blame her.  Coaxing her in gradually, even then she didn't want to get up on the stand.  When I told her I wouldn't let her be hurt again, I meant it.  I wanted to be done with barn chores, but I sat and held Cindy's bowl for her until she was confident and calm and began to eat.  She might not have understood my words, but now she knows I'll keep my promise.

Here is the promised photo of the new peony (I keep my word).  Deb and Craig gave me two peony plants last year that I am happy to say came back up this spring (peonies die off completely during winter).  They are to the right of the new bush, and each has a bud of its own.  There are some tall dead weeds in the background; they carry the seeds that the turkeys so enjoy.  I'll dig them out one of these days.  The green stuff is not weeds.  It is a combination of thyme, marjoram, and yarrow that will not stay contained where it belongs, creeping out into the walkway and up to the porch.  Oh well, it smells nice when stepped on.

Rain was promised for today and Nature was as good as her word.  So far, it is a nice, gentle rain that is perfect to settle the new plants and saves me from having to water again so soon.

Just in case anyone could misunderstand, my Kid Dave is as far from rotten as anyone could be, as are all of my kind, loving, generous children.  Take my word for it.

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Kathryn said...

Poor Cindy, Yay Peonies...and I knew you were "funnin'" when you lovingly called him, "Rotten Dave!"