Saturday, April 5, 2014

Farm Song

I try to catch the weather reports in the morning just to get a heads-up on the day.  I lost a little confidence yesterday as I listened to the nice man say that the showers were over and it would be sunshine all day when I was looking out the window at hail pinging down.  Hmmm.

This mad social whirl goes on.  A long-time friend, Tom, had stopped by for milk the day before and stayed for a nice visit.  I see him and his family seldom anymore, but we keep in touch.  It was a pleasant surprise when he called with an invitation to join him and a co-worker for lunch at The Pub yesterday.  They were working a job in the area.  I sure wasn't going to say no!  And guess what!  Deb and Craig are coming up today.  It doesn't get much better for me.

The furries are working out a bedtime system.  He or she who gets to the pillow first calls Dibs and the others find places around the bed.  At least that's the way it is at lights out.  I awoke this morning wearing a fur mustache.  Ralph had joined me on my pillow and had thrown an arm across my face.  I can't describe how that had entered into my dreams.  "Phffft, phffft," as I spit and sputtered.  That woke Ralph and he jumped onto the widowsill to play with the mini-blind cords.  Any thought of going back to sleep went right out that window.

The chicks are early risers and, being more comfortable in their new surroundings, have added a trill to their peeping conversations.  It gets pretty noisy around here, what with the cats "brrrping" and Bessie Anne "rowl, rowl, rowling" and the chicks rolling their Rs.  Outside, the roosters greet the dawn and the turkeys yeep as they cross the yard.  Any delay in the program causes Poppy to throw in her baritone bellow.  The goats, in season again, sweet talk each other with an ongoing "unh, unh, unh."  No wonder I talk to myself a lot; I need to hear a people voice now and again.

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Kathryn said...

I guess that makes you a "One-Woman Band"...with a lot of back up!! Enjoy your company!!