Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Smooth Sailing

Everything went as slick as a whistle yesterday, probably to make up for the chaos of the day before.  First off, it's been my intention for some time to plant lettuce seeds (more about them later) in an easily accessible pot on the deck and finally got that done right after sunup.  I needed more feed down at the barn.  Got the mower out and cut down a swath of high grass in the pen so I could trundle the bag on a handcart with less trouble.  My mama didn't raise any dummies and I sure didn't want a repeat of the prior morning, so I brought Inga out on a rope.  The rest of the barn chores went smoothly.  Well, twice I had to shore up the milking stand because the tunnels below collapsed and dropped the girls and me over in a tilt; there was that hiccup.  It was a perfect day for mowing, not hot with a light breeze, so I took a ride in the west field, hoping to get the whirligig weeds cut before their auger seeds matured.  Those seeds are a bane of my life.  I do love to mow.  A short rest and a cold drink seemed in order after that.  It's been nagging at me that I have not gotten out the weed-eater since Craig got it running.  There was a lot of day left.  Don't you know that sucker started on the first pull!  (Thank you, Craig.)  The weed-eater is an industrial type on two wheels.  It's rolling thunder on flat ground, but it takes the strength of a draft horse to push it around on hills and, of course, under the oak and around the woodpile it is hilly.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but did as much as I could before calling it quits.

Back in the house, I remembered that I had shoved the packets of lettuce seeds into a front pocket in the morning.  I'd planted just a few of three kinds of lettuce, planning on successive plantings instead of a lot at one time that ends up going to waste.  How much salad can one person eat?  One of the packets had broken open at the bottom.  Lettuce seeds are very small.  I didn't think I would ever get all of those seeds out of my pocket.  I imagined lettuce sprouting in the washing machine, in the pipes, and in the septic tank.  Not good.  Now I wonder if the lint removed from my pocket and put back with the seeds will grow dust bunnies outdoors.

It was a pretty eventful day and I was more than ready to sit with Camille and Honey when they came by in late afternoon.  It was a good day.

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