Saturday, January 17, 2015

As I Said...

The temperature had been slowly dropping for several days, but could still be dealt with by a heavier jacket in the house and two pairs of socks, plus a fur lap robe.  However, yesterday the chill had permeated the house and, shivering, I lit a fire before going out for morning chores.  I'm frugal with the firewood, but not to the point of masochism.

Back in the chair, Bessie Anne and Celeste took their self-assigned positions.  Who is warming whom here?

Biting the bullet, I called computer support in the afternoon.  I'm old school when it comes to computers.  I go back as far as COBOL and FORTRAN and learned DOS.  I became administrator of a complex UNIX system.  I'm not computer illiterate, but Windows and the mouse are unfamiliar territory to me.  I knew it would be an easy fix for Celeste's faux paw (pun intended); I just didn't know how to do it.  Sixty dollars and TWO KEYSTROKES (yes, I'm shouting!) later, my computer is back to normal and I'm a penniless happy camper.

This is the beggar bird who shows up nightly for a handout.  He (or she) was stealing from the girls' dishes before I passed them out and so I've gotten in the habit of tossing a few grains his way.  Absolutely fearless, this tiny bird stands his ground at dinnertime.

I'd taken a number of shots of a rather nondescript sunset on my way down and back from the goat pen, hoping for something with at least a little appeal, but to no avail.  There were some interesting cloud formations, but the colors were blah.  Not until the chickens were tucked in and I was headed back to the house did the flaming sky appear.  I caught the reflection in the windows and turned in time to take this photo.

Another log on the fire and cat and dog on my lap once more.  As I've said, it was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

I'm just going to call your begger bird, "Fearless Fosdick!" And thanks for the sunsets!