Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday (Not) Night Live

It was one comedy act after another yesterday, the trip to town notwithstanding.  This grey squirrel knew exactly what he was doing.  He spent a good half-hour tormenting Ralph and Celeste.  He ran back and forth on the railing and the cats ran from room to room and window to window.  If their interest flagged, Squirrel would drum his paws on the wood and chatter to get their attention.  I could hear the, "Nanner nanner," as he jumped to the deck and back up to the rail, showing off for his captive audience.

The trip to town was as expected.  The road home was longer as I was following a flatlander who had no idea where he was going.  There was the usual conversation in the car ahead, "Oh, John, slow down!  There's another curve ahead!"  (John was speeding along at 25 mph.)  John, dutiful guy that he is, slowed down.  We all slowed down, there being at least ten cars behind me.  There's naught to do in these situations but take your foot off the gas and enjoy the ride.  There's nowhere to pass and it's better to go slow than take chances.  Once you're late, you're late and a few more minutes won't make a difference, and the worst thing would be to ride his bumper.  If John hit the brakes, it wouldn't be funny.

"All the world's a stage."  Well, I don't know about the whole world, but the deck rail was the stage as one comedy act followed the other.  Not just this one, but three turkeys lined up in the afternoon, peering, preening, and strutting their stuff.  It didn't take Ralph long to "look at the birdie."  It's usually the audience that heckles the performer, but Ralph was quiet (whiskers twitching) and Tom made rude noises.

I love beautiful shoes, always have.  It shrivels my soul now to go to the Men's Dept. to pick out something (hopefully) durable for the barn.  It might be noted that this is exactly the same shoe as the worn-out version.  Yes, I'm in a rut, but the goats don't care what I wear.  Deb said that it is Poppy who whispers, "Didja see what she had on today?"  Poppy is the fashionista in the herd.  Regardless, in the theme of the day, I did a soft-shoe version of Shuffle off to Buffalo as I left the stage.

It was one comedy act after another all day long.  In other words, it was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Well, your "shuffle-of-to-Buffalo" footwear may not scream "gorgeous," but they sure are new and shiny and durable...and warmer that the old one's I'd guess!!