Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mendicants and Benefactors

It seems that every time I turn around I find another open mouth begging to be fed.  Is it not enough that I support umpteen wild turkeys, innumerable mice, Thing in the barn, deer in the garden, etc., etc., etc., in addition to the animals and fowl I signed up for?  (For which I signed up, for the stranded preposition purists.)  When putting the girls to bed, first I put a small amount of grain in three bowls, leaving two in the little feed stall while one is put in Cindy's room.  Then I distribute the other two in Inga's and Poppy and Sheila's stalls before letting the girls in one (or two) at a time.  For the last week, as soon as I'd leave to put Cindy's treat down, a small sparrow zipped in to grab a bite from the other bowls.  This cheeky little twerp would actually face me down if he'd not yet found a nibble to his liking.  Last night, he sat on the feed shelf as if waiting for his serving as I dished out the grain.  "Give up and give in."  He obviously wasn't going to leave, even when I was a foot away.  Feeling like Lady Bountiful, I tossed a helping his way and went on about my business.  Add one more to the list.

I had a benefactress of my own yesterday when Arden took me to lunch at the now-famous Bones Roadhouse for a hamburger that has one drooling before it even arrives.  I swear that "this time" I'm going to try something new from the menu, but know I'd leave feeling deprived if I didn't order a #2, cheeseburger and onion rings, so inevitably stick with the tried and true.  Another afternoon spent in the company of a good friend.

I was working at the computer yesterday when Celeste left my lap, tromped across the keyboard and ruined my life.  Whatever combination of keys under her paws caused the screen to lock, tabs across the top and bottom to go missing, and I can't approach the desktop without restarting the computer from scratch.  I had to reintroduce myself to Firefox and Facebook, and my lists of favorites and most-visited sites are gone.  Time was short yesterday.  I will be the one begging for help today, as soon as I figure out who to ask.

Honestly, I wasn't going to post any more pictures of sundowns, but on a day when I didn't, I got a call asking, "How was your sunset last night?"  So, here we go again.  I hate to disappoint.

Celeste notwithstanding, it was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Oh my GOSH I hate computer problems like that. Bad Celeste, Bad Girl! (Gorgeous sunset tho.) I got a new phone and when I downloaded the Facebook App and tried to sign in (after goofing up my email address as it is not my usual one), it has consistently told me that I have been banished, as I have violated their rules (not that I tried too many times to sign in)...and the rules are things like violence, porn, having a false identity, etc...heavy stuff. I might finally have time today to do some research! Ack, I hate things like your problem and mine!