Sunday, January 11, 2015


I had a pretty relaxed set of priorities yesterday; things to do without a lot of rushing around, and the first was to sit in the sun with Bess, read a couple of chapters, and work up to house chores slowly.  Then came a phone call with the threat of guests later on.  Drop the book, grab the dog, and leave the sunshine outside.  Kicking it into high gear, cats and dog scattered as I raced around with the vacuum and swooshed through the kitchen.  The company didn't come.  Oh well, I'm ahead of the game today.

I was sent another photo from our Christmas.  There is a back story to this silly string insanity.  As I said, we were all given Lotto scratchers.  Some fiend who shall remain nameless declared a winner would be the target for attack.  Even I acknowledged the fairness of this and then, silly me, I uncovered the right combination and yelled, "I won!"  'Nuff said.

A good day deserves a good ending.

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Kathryn said...

Bahahaha...on your winning photo!!! Sorry the company didn't materialize, but now you can stroll around your clean house with some satisfaction! Enjoy!