Sunday, January 4, 2015

See It My Way

The other day, as Mrs. Go-To and I stood in the drive and waited for news from Go-To, Bessie took refuge from the cold in the juniper bush and covered herself with leaves.  Finished with chores yesterday, it dawned on me that it was warm enough if I stayed in the sunshine to sit outside with Bess Anne.  Definitely beer-and-a-book time!  We both sat like lizards, letting the heat, such as it was, seep into our bones.  Frozen troughs and waterers have changed the routine.  If the critters are to get a drink, I've got to break ice early and fill up at night; no faucet will work in the morning.  The water bowl for the wild things has scratch marks in the ice from the turkeys, the early birds out and around.  Barn mice come out of the woodwork, waiting for their warm milk.  I'm happy to see Mini-Squint and Little Larry show up.  I know one isn't supposed to have favorites, so I don't tell the anonymous others as they dash out to grab a bite or a slurp.

Too cold to do much outside other than sit in the sun or bring more wood to the porch, it was a day to clean out and put away Christmas for another year.  This is probably the earliest I've ever accomplished this task.  It helped that I didn't put out much to start with.  I must remember to hold that good thought in future.

Just as I look at life here (and life in general) with an eye to seeing beauty, amusement, drama, I look for photo opportunities.  I am so pleased that the cellphone that is always with me prevents me from whining, "Oh, if I only had a camera right now!"  Digital technology means I can share pictures immediately.  How cool is that?  Last night, an old moon shone on the new year, rising in the east over the pines across the way.

Back in the house and looking out the kitchen windows with a view to the west, I saw repetition of another gorgeous sunset.

Sunrise today blazed and illuminated the clouds from below. 

I hope the pictures give everyone a chance to see Farview my way.

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Kathryn said... aptly named, and I, for one, love the photos, as your views are much more spectacular than mine. Thank you!!