Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day Off

There are times when I'll have an off day, a day when nothing goes right, my timing is off, and I'm just glad when they end.  Yesterday was not one of those.  I truly do love to mow, out in the sunshine, feeling productive, letting the machine do the work; however, after a few hours on that gut-buster the day before, I took yesterday off (barn chores notwithstanding).  I've stopped berating myself for being a lazy slug on those days when my most ambitious undertaking is making more juice for the hummers.  Like the goats, keeping the hummers fed is a daily job.

I got word that Dave is organizing a work day here with the dear biker dudes from Freed Spirits in the near future.  I need to get one more storm door for the feed barn.  I asked Dave about the size and he told me 3'6".  He put it in writing so I know I had the figures right.  It's my belief that there are word people and number people.  I am not a number person.  With my limited math capabilities, 3'6" converts to 42".  Checking on line, I could not find a 42" door.  With a sigh, Dave said to wait and he'd send me to Martell when the guys come up.  Sigh.

There had been the threat (or promise) of rain all day, but it didn't start until last night.  How lovely to hear that sound.  It was a good, steady, soaking rain, perfect for the newly planted roses, and it continues this morning.  I won't be working outside today, but having had a day off yesterday, I think I'll drill and squash some of that silverware today.

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