Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thpeak To Me

Deb:  "I can't understand a word you're saying."
Me:  "I know.  Thath why I'm calling.  I can't underthtand me either."
I was absolutely cracking up.  Deb and Craig had brought all that candy for Easter.   I put one of those fruit-flavored squares of taffy in my mouth yesterday and it promptly glued itself to the roof and wouldn't let go.  I tharted to thpeak to Bethie Anne and about fell on the floor laughing.  It was a moment just too good not to share.  I'm fortunate in that my daughter has not had me committed; she's very tolerant.  It doesn't take much to amuse me, for sure.

The day had not had an auspicious beginning.  I'd run out of goat chow the day before, made a run to the feed store, and then trundled that heavy bag down through wet weeds to the barn in the morning.  In the bucket, there was just enough for the girls' breakfast and no more.  I filled the bowl for Inga and as I put the bucket back, I caught an edge on the high shelf and dumped two-thirds on the floor.  When you're too mad to cuss, that's mad!  It was a bonanza for the mice, but a pretty darned expensive meal.  When a nonmilker was on the stand, I went around to scoop feed out of the bag so I could finish chores.  I really wondered what the rest of the day had in store, but it all turned out well.

In between NASCAR and laundry, I got a few things crossed off my to-do list before I treated myself to the candy.  A day that ends in laughter is a good day.


Linda Cox said...

You're so weird :-D

Kathryn Williams said...

And a day that has the readers laughing at one of the comments is a good day too! LOL, LInda!