Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ups and Downs

"Bark!"  I get up to let Bessie out.  She lies down.  "I thought you wanted to go outside."  "No."  I sit down.  She gets up and goes to the other door.  "Bark!"  "If I get up again, trust me, you will go outside."  "Bark!"  I get up.  Bessie Anne goes outside.  I sit down.  "Bark!"  "I just let you out!  You can't want back in that soon."  "Bark!"  I get up and let her in.  She lies down.  I sit down.  Whew.

Celeste will be sound asleep nearby.  If I get up (without prompting from Bess), Celeste gets up, too.  If I head down the hall, she races ahead to our favorite meeting place, the bathroom.  If I head to the right, toward the kitchen, she herds me to the counter where the cat treats are kept.  It matters not that she had treats ten minutes before, if I go to the kitchen, it's munchy time.  When I open the bag, I put out two little piles, one for Celeste and one for Ralph, who appears out of nowhere every single time.  How does he know?

If I'm in the middle of chores and sit down for a quick rest, I have to sit on the edge of the chair.  If I sit back, Bessie and Celeste immediately get up and come to get up on my lap, then I can't get up.

Life is just full of ups and downs.

"I'm coming."

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Kathryn said...

O.M.G. you had me chuckling out loud on this one, and not exactly for the reasons that you think. I don't have cats and I don't have an aging, larger dog. I have a small 4 year old houseguest grand dog, but I feel that my life, at times is so similar, as my "cats" are a 91 year old and a 19 month old. 1 asks for snacks frequently, one runs to the kitchen to ask to lick plates or anticipate anything that might drop on the floor or be dropped on purpose, and the other is just totally unpredictable. The bottom line is that we are both living in a circus, but we are NOT the ring masters.