Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What Blew In

Yesterday morning was bright and beautiful.  Bess and I weren't the only ones enjoying an early walkabout.  These two toms were promenading through the backyard.  Their chest beards are readily visible, a sign of maturity, as are the spurs on their legs.  The truck had gotten a good bath from the rain.  A disadvantage of so many oaks is that at this time of year everything is covered in yellow-green pollen.  It's easy to spot flatlanders on the road;  their vehicles are all different colors.  Locals' are the same shade of green.

With storm warnings on the news, I did a lot of prepping throughout the day, including bringing more wood to the porch.  Turned out to be a good thing.  This morning it went from overcast and dead calm to gale-force winds in seconds.  It sounded like a freight train when it hit and the trees are dancing and bending like...well, like nothing I like to see.  No rain as yet.  Oops, spoke too soon.  Even tiny drops are hitting the window like hail.  Crum.  Not looking forward to barn chores today.

In an attempt to use up some of the Easter leftovers, last night I put the potatoes, peas and ham into a scallop casserole.  Gosh, it was good.  The problem being that now I have leftover scalloped potatoes.  Hmmm.

No dawdling today.  I need to get the girls milked and get back to the house.  Losing power is a distinct possibility with winds like this and I need to be prepared.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Scallop casserole sounds delicious...even as left overs...and wet, muddy barn chores, not s'much! Good luck!