Friday, April 24, 2015

The Long and the Short

Weather this spring has been goofy.  Some days as hot as summer, others (like today) overcast and rainy.  This combination has resulted in rapid growth of weeds, the stuff I laughingly call grass. I knew I needed to mow again, but it wasn't until I got the little tractor out that I realized just how long the weeds were.  Ohmigosh, the purple vetch in the backyard was up to the hubs.  The filaree weeds (with the whirligig seeds) in the side yard had stems as thick as pencils and needed several passes to mow down short.

Harold, the ironmonger, came by.  I'm still trying to clean up (get rid of) stuff that has been sitting unused for years and he wanted to assess what I might have and how much help he'd need to haul it away.  Harold and Steve would have been a dynamic duo, each trying to outdo the other in the scrounge department.  Harold had been here when I was finishing some of the wind chimes and evidently liked The Project, so much, in fact, that he brought me a bagful of forks and spoons so I can make more.  (I guess I'll be making more now, for sure.)  I asked how he happened to have so much silverware and he said he had coffee cans full, he just liked saving them so had plenty to share.  If I were texting, I'd throw in an LOL here.  When I began The Project, it was a way to use up stuff and get it out of the barn (yeah, and how's that working for you?).  Regardless, it was pleasant to take a break from mowing and sit in the shade for a chat.

Harold drove off and I did too, back on the mower for one more yard.  That was about all I could handle for one day.  The front yard and west field aren't going anywhere, so no worries.

The long and the short of it is, it was a good day. 

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Kathryn said...

Your rainy overcast weather has drifted down here, but I know the rain is good for our vegetation, and my "Project" is braving the weather out on my front porch deck. I'll add the LOL for more silverware coming your way!!