Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Yikes!  Chills up the spine time!  It wasn't long ago that Helper Dude and I cleaned up all the fallen branches on the slope behind the chicken pen, so I took a second look at all that stuff on the ground yesterday morning.  That isn't a tree trunk sticking up, it's a broken branch that was driven at least a foot into the ground when it fell, surrounded by what had once been attached.  No wonder woodsmen call these "widowmakers."  I hate to think of the damage had a person or the truck had been under it, or if it had dropped into the hen pen.

"Practice makes perfect."   I'm getting really good at finding things to do that keep me from doing things I should.  It isn't always easy, but keeping the goal in mind and staying at it pays off.  In the late afternoon, I set the sprinkler in the herb garden.  While doing that, I noticed some (a lot) of weeds springing up in the walkway.  I started pulling weeds, not too many because I was working next to the spray from the sprinkler, but enough to justify staying outside.  Dragging my feet like a little kid, I looked for something else so I wouldn't have to go back in the house.  Some time back Deb and Craig had cleared their yard of gladiolus and brought me two big grocery sacks of corms, stalks, etc., attached.  The time is right for planting, but all the dead plant material had to be stripped off.  Perfect!  Sitting on the porch with Bessie Anne at my feet, watching the sun dip down, feeling the cooling breeze and watching a nearby hummer take a shower in the sprinkler, cleaning the corms was exactly the right thing to do.  Other chores would wait.

It was a good day!

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Kathryn said...

You may not THINK you are working, but weeding and pulling dead stalks off corms sounds like productivity to to heck with the inside jobs - you have jobs to do outside, Missy :-), so I say...Keep Practicing!