Sunday, April 5, 2015


Larry:  "Hi, Mom.  Whatcha doing?"
Me:  "Not much.  Just waiting for weather."  (Rain is predicted for today.)
Larry:  "Waiting for weather?!  Mom, you gotta get a life!  #twiddling thumbs."
There's no way to describe how we laughed about this last night.

Nothing bad happened, but the morning was a disaster yesterday.  For whatever reason, each of the milkers was hard to get going and difficult to milk out.  A goat that normally takes about 350 squeezes (yes, I count) took over 600.  My hands were going numb after Inga and it was downhill from there with two more to go.  Barn chores normally take a little over an hour; yesterday was closer to two and I was exhausted.

When company is coming, I wait until the last minute to vacuum and dust.  To do it sooner is an exercise in futility.  Every time Bess goes outside, she brings a little of it back into the house.  Celeste and Ralph get into a tussle and bits of fur fly here and there.  It makes no sense to shower and dress in fresh bibbies before going to the barn.  The girls, especially Esther, rub against me and nothing I'm wearing stays clean.  I'm going to be on a dead run today.

Sundown comes about 7:30 now and I wait until then to put the kids to bed.  In the brief time it takes to get the girls into their stalls and walk back up the hill, the colors of sunset have changed.  Last evening I took probably fifteen photos, each one different, and narrowed them down to these two.
I'm always so grateful that Joel left the three pines standing when he cleared his property for a vineyard.  They add such perspective to my view of the horizon.

Today I'm waiting in anticipation of my Kids coming up.  Even though we need the rain so badly, I'm hoping it waits until after the Kids leave.  They drive a long way to get here and it's not a pleasant drive in the rain, and that doesn't begin to address my disaster of a driveway.

Happy Easter!

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Kathryn said...

I sure hope that the rain stayed away and that you had a glorious visit with your Kids!!