Thursday, April 30, 2015


Purple Tiger is really showing off this year, as are all the roses.  They are thriving in this goofy spring weather.  Temperatures are fluctuating between 10-15 degrees in a matter of days.  Oh well, the roses are happy.

Yesterday was glorious, warm with a wonderful breeze.  Helper Dude putted up on his John Deere, ready to go to work.  This kid has a work ethic employers would die for and I see a great future for him.  I was happy to see him gear up with helmet with face mask and ear protection before arming himself with his weed-whacker to do battle with the thick, thigh-high weeds in the fenced vegetable garden area.  I didn't want him to have all the fun, so I fired up Fu Manchu and started going in circles in the west field.  The alternating rain and sunny days have given the weeds a huge boost and it was slow going.  Fu is getting old and cranky, so he can only take baby bites in the thickest of the thick.  Dude was done with his section long before me.  "What's next?"  I pointed him toward the weeds along the driveway on a long slope that I can't mow with Fu Manchu.  "What's next?"  The section behind the sheds and in front of the pig garden was in desperate need of attention.  Now it doesn't.  Everything got done in an hour and a half; it took me that long to mow the field.  I sent Dude off with a baggie of gladiolus corms for his mom.  She may or may not thank me for the extra work.

The front yard still needed mowing, but I'd had enough bouncing around for one day.  Reluctant to go in the house, I pulled more weeds in the patch behind the first shed.  Back and butt complaining, I finally had to call it quits.  Later in the afternoon I gave Fu a good washing before putting him back in his shelter.

Friends are coming tomorrow.  After all the fun I'd had in the sun, I knew I was condemned to do housework today.  Orange Chicken makes a mess of the stove, but I'll be cleaning the kitchen anyway.  Since ritual demanded it, the condemned ate a hearty meal.

Gosh, it was a good day!

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Kathryn said...

Purple Tiger, Orange Chicken, and Roundy-Round in the sun DOES sound like a good day indeed!