Friday, May 1, 2015

Stand Up

"Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out, tummy in!"  That's me, talking to me.  After the exertion of the day before, I had to remind myself to "Straighten up, woman, you're walking old."  Not everything I'd planned got done yesterday; some, but not all.  I'd like to say I rested on my laurels but, in truth, I sat on my rusty-dusty.  Some days are like that.

Some texting typos are hysterically funny, some make you go, "Huh?," and some are alarming.  A friend made a long, tiring, cross-country flight yesterday.  Waiting what I figured would be the appropriate length of time, given time changes, etc., I messaged her, "Home yet?"  Soon after, she replied, "Approaching hate now."  OMG!  This is a woman who pretty much rolls with the punches so for her to be that angry, imagining the worst I asked if she was okay.  She called me and we both got a laugh because what she'd intended was "Approaching gate now."  Gotta love technology.

Odd as it may seem, all those things I'd planned to do yesterday are still waiting.  Blame my broken magic wand.  Guess I'd best stand up and get'r done!

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