Friday, May 8, 2015


They say timing is everything.  Mine has been a little off lately.  This photo was taken of Honey being "welcomed" by Ralph the last time Camille came up.  Celeste had scooted down the hall at the first sound of Cam's quad coming up the drive, not to be seen again until she heard it leave.  Ralph, on the other hand, is definitely more social.  Honey seems to fascinate him.  He waits until Honey has gone through her "I'm so happy to be here, now give me a cookie!" phase and then comes out to watch what toys Honey takes from the toy basket and then lies beside her.  Honey has cats of her own at home and so tolerates his attentions willingly.

The early morning rain yesterday had been more of a mist so when I left for the barn I wore just a jacket, no hat.  With impeccable timing, real rain waited until I had the first girl up on the stand and had shut the playpen gate on the others.  A really strong wind blew in and rain started coming down in buckets.  Soggy goats came in one at a time, each complaining bitterly about the weather and my poor animal husbandry by locking them out of shelter.  Hey, I was getting soaked, too!  They could not have been less impressed.  Goats are very self-involved.

Waiting until it seemed the rain was over, I headed to town.  False hope, but I really can't whine.  It was dry while I made my stops, then turned toward home.  It began raining lightly before I'd even left Diamond Springs, and was pouring by the time I parked in my driveway.  Unloading the truck and packing the bags into the house was a wet affair.  Of course, the rain stopped just as I finished.  The only thing for which I had good timing was getting this shot of sunset.  Some days are like that.  We needed the rain, whenever it came.

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