Friday, May 29, 2015

If Wishes Were...

My mother's frequent response when I would express some wish for (fill in the blanks with some childish desire) would generally be, "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride."  This was the same mother who taught me to make a wish on the first star seen at evening.  She was strange that way.

I wish I were braver.  If I weren't such a scaredy-cat, I would have put the new battery in the lawn tractor myself.  Yesterday would have been a perfect day to mow the remaining yards.  However, I have a true fear of blowing up a battery by not putting cables on in the right order.  I'd asked Joe, the repairman, about it and he told me not to worry, there might be a few sparks but it would be okay.  A few sparks?!  That was enough for me to put in a call to Helper Dude.  He'll be here today and he can face whatever sparks may fly.  I'll be right there to call 911 if it blows up.

I wish I knew how I truly am perceived and why.  Telling my tale of woe with the cellphone data overuse, not one but three people responded with, "Well, you've got to stop surfing the web at midnight for porn."  Really, people?!  Do I honestly seem like a person who would do such a thing?  Don't answer that!

I wish I weren't such a cookie monster.  In an attempt to save me from myself, I portioned and bagged up cookies from the last baking and put them in the freezer.  It hasn't even been a week, but knowing I had a cookie stash was getting to me.  Lacking even a modicum of self-control, last night I pulled a bag out for dessert.  One was bag was good.  Two was better.  I wish I could get a grip.

I wish I would take my own good advice.  I know the consequences of getting to the barn late in hot weather.  It's not really "hot" in terms of what is to come, but a 15- to 20-degree jump in a couple of days seems pretty darned hot now.  So, of course, I dragged my feet getting started yesterday and paid the penalty in sweat.

I wish everyone the peace and beauty that comes at sundown.

And I wish beggars could ride.


Emmy Abrahams said...

At least you baked the cookies..I wouldn't even dare...knowing I would be the one to eat them.
Warmer weather is invigorating, but no higher than 85 , please.
88 predicted here for today and tomorrow.

Kathryn Williams said...

Oh I learned the delicious pleasure of frozen cookies about 48 years ago, and they would NEVER be safe in the freezer with me. And I don't care WHAT you would be "surfing" on the phone - I know it would NOT be at midnight, and if it were, you would use your computer and not your phone! Hope you get the mystery solved. Somebody hack your account??