Sunday, May 31, 2015

Patience Please (with addendum)

There will be a slight delay in programming due to a computer glitch encountered this morning.  Please stay tuned.

A very frustrated management!

The day did not start well.  Being the creature of habit as I am, all mornings start with:  turn on computer first thing, make coffee, hand out treats to all house critters, take coffee back to computer, check email, check Facebook, read any comments on prior blogs, write daily blog entry, play 3 hands of solitaire, get dressed and go milk goats and let chickens into their pen.  Not today.

Steps one through four were on schedule.  And then.  My computer was either having a brain fart or a senior moment.  It failed to recognize me.  Not only did it not know me, it insisted that I live in Germantown, MD, and that I'd been transformed from Taurus to Capricorn (of course I read my horoscope, doesn't everyone?).  I edited the info to no avail and, in addition, computer did not want to give me my email and sent me in circles even when I assured it I was not a spy.  I followed all procedures which have slapped computer upside the head in the past, but nothing worked.  Okay, call the service provider.  Long wait on hold "due to unusually heavy demands."  Duh.  When the nice young man, Joshua, finally answered, he said that Hughes Net had made some substantial changes and that the previous client he'd helped ended their session needing "a lot of aspirins."  One hour and ten minutes on the phone later, only some of the problems had been fixed, mainly by backdooring one way or another.  My browser continued to elude.  Finally Joshua said he was turning me over to their home tech support group.  Whatever.  Home tech support group wanted $99 before they would even take my call.  Wrong answer to an already tight-jawed lady.  I severed our relationship immediately and went on to steps eight and nine of the morning routine.

The day has not gotten any better, but that's another story for another day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Holy Fricken Moly! I HATE, HATE, HATE computer problems, and it sounds like you have a doozie! So what's the weather like in Germantown, MD? I have a friend in the Baltimore area...I'll tell her you are there!!!