Thursday, May 14, 2015


After the woes of the day before, yesterday was a huge sigh of relief, beginning with Inga.  Evidently my plan of treatment was working because the wound in her udder did not break open.  I was able to very gently milk out the injured side without causing a leak.  (I won't save her milk until she is completely healed.)  I think the salve is a big help as it keeps the cut from forming a hard scab.  The skin of the udder has to be so flexible to stretch as the bag fills.  I believe my supposition was right in that Inga seems very leery of being around Tess now.  I hope that was a lesson learned; it's not an experience I'd want either of us to repeat.

In early afternoon, Joe came to pick up the lawn tractor.  At $75 an hour, I had been in the doldrums watching dollar signs fly past in anticipation of getting Fu Manchu running again, but it couldn't be helped.  Joe had the ramp down on his trailer, ready to load up.  As I walked out, I jokingly said that if the tractor would start for him, I'd shoot the damn thing.  And wouldn't you know that he fiddled with a couple of wires and the damn thing fired right up.  Why didn't I take engine repair instead of welding classes?  The battery cables were loose and the connections need cleaning, and that was the whole, so easily fixed problem.  I asked what the call-out fee was, so willing to pay as it would be so much less than a repair bill.  Joe said that if the owner wanted to charge me, he'd call.  He didn't call.  As if that weren't enough, Joe, by himself, took the storm door out of the truck and put it under shelter for me.  I almost wept.

If it hadn't been really cold and very windy, I would have leapt on the mower and done the deed, but....  (Any excuse is a good one!)

It was a very good day.  Even the sunset was golden.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I'm SO glad that Inga is better and that you had a "Tony the Tiger" Day on Wednesday. I sure hope your Thursday was even better!!