Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Workout Of The Day

WODs seem to be the thing to do these days.  I have relatives that are fanatics about their fitness programs, and their efforts show and are to be applauded.  I am so far out of that loop I could be in orbit.  I had to look up what WOD (Workout of the Day) meant.  However, I do have a plan and am working on it.

Bessie Anne's insistent need to be in my lap at all times was becoming wearing.  Giving in every time was only reinforcing that behavior and it had to stop.  I've been working on retraining her, using hand signals or a head shake to deny her access.  I get the accusing, puppy-dog eyes and the big sighs, but she doesn't push the issue anymore and goes to find a chair or couch to lie on.  She has a dog bed with a comfy blanket right by my feet, but it's not as satisfactory as people furniture.  Bess has not been banned completely; she's still allowed lap privileges several times a day or evening, but it's at my invitation.  I am happier.  She's coping.

I seem to be capable, body or spirit, of only one big chore a day anymore.  Given the glorious weather yesterday after the gloom and spat of rain of the day before, I tackled mowing the west field.  The side and back yards also need mowing, but after an hour or so bouncing and jouncing on Fu in the afternoon, the decision was made to hold those workouts for another day.  Reminiscent of riding a horse, the trick is to keep the spine loose.  Tighten up and you'll bust your butt.  One WOD is my limit.

Another situation that will require work has arisen at night, a WON, as it were.  It's a given that I have a community bed, sharing with Bess, Ralph, and Celeste.  Most of the time, Bessie sleeps on her pillow and the cats sleep at the end, sometimes by my feet.  On the coldest nights, Bess has moved closer for warmth; no problem.  It's a queen-size bed, plenty of room for all one would think, but one would be wrong.  I've been waking up cramped and stiff because Bess, probably in retaliation for my lap rejection during the day, has been sleeping on top of me after pushing me over to my allotted six inches, and the cats are on top of my feet.  There truly is such a thing as too much togetherness.  I don't have a plan of corrective action yet.  I'm working on it.

This backlit unusual cloud formation looks to me like something out of "Ghostbusters."  (Can't help myself, I'm addicted to sunsets.) 

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