Saturday, May 30, 2015


I am going to rename Poppy 'Lazarus.'  Over a month ago I was sure she was dead or dying.  She rallied.  Yesterday morning she was down and would not get up in the stall and I was again sure it was the end.  I started thinking of whom I could call to help me get the body out of the barn.  By the time I was finished with the last goat, my dear old duppty-dup was on her feet.  It took urging and guidance to get her outside, but she made it.  I checked on her periodically throughout the day and, if nothing else, she was still standing.  At nightfall, the goats were clustered together close to the barn, looking into the big pen.  Poppy was nowhere to be seen.  I figured this was it then.  The girls went into their stalls and I looked for Pops, calling her name over and over.  It was getting on toward dark when I saw the unmoving lump by the fence on the far side of the big pen.  So be it.  Too late by then, I would deal with it in the morning.  My friend Linda and I mourned Poppy's passing.

The weeds in both pens are very high and dry now.  I woke up worried about how I could get the little tractor down into the fields without starting a fire.  What to do?  I couldn't just leave her where she was.  I started thinking about calling a knacker, if there are any in this area or even any in the profession.  With great hesitation and a heavy heart, I walked out at first light today, hoping for inspiration.

And there was Poppy, on her feet and grazing.  Poppy, aka Lazarus.

Resurrection seemed to be the order of the day.  Fu Manchu, deader than a doornail, sprang to life as soon as the new battery was put in.  In keeping with KISS, I figured I'd start with a battery before sending him to the repair guy, and it worked!  Helper Dude weed-whacked all the overgrown areas and Fu and I mowed the side yards and the backyard.  All areas are turning brown with very little new growth, so Fu and I will get a rest.

I have mixed feelings today.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Way to go, Poppy...but she sure is giving your nervous system a run for its money. And yay for batteries. Have you checked...maybe Poppy just needs a new battery! (Ah if it were only that easy for all of us aging relics and our aging critters!)