Wednesday, May 27, 2015


No need to issue an Amber Alert.  The lost has been found as I came back on my own.  I did run away from home twice yesterday, once at dawn to take the trash down to the big road and again in the afternoon to get feed in Mt. Aukum.

As a kid, I ran away from home any number of times.  I don't think my mother ever knew.  I would write a note explaining my latest grievances and put it under her pillow.  With a child's typical logic, I assumed no one would notice my absence and that she would just go to bed that night as usual.  We lived on the far outskirts of town and this was back in the day when kids could go outside without supervision and not show up until dusk anyhow.   I never left the block and certainly didn't want to miss dinner, so I would go back in the house and retrieve the note I'd left.  If Mother ever found one, she never said.

I'm going to run away again today, not because I want to but because I really have to get a new battery for Fu Manchu.  The weeds are growing faster than Iowa corn and I've got to get a grip or go to wrack and ruin.

Don't worry.  I'll be home before dark.

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Kathryn Williams said...

The only problem with running away now, and coming back in time for dinner is that...YOU have to cook dinner :-) Safe travels!