Monday, May 18, 2015

No Comparison

Without "before" pictures, it might be difficult to appreciate the "after" pictures and the tremendous improvements made by the work crew on Saturday.  I talked about all they did, and this is show-and-tell.  This is one of the storm doors installed.  Putting up this particular door involved removing all the siding first before the door could go on and required Larry's expertise.  Gale force winds had blown the two doors completely off the hinges and rain was coming in to soak the floors and feed, so it goes without saying how much the new doors are appreciated.

Craig's arms must have been ready to fall off.  He used a weed-whacker all day long in areas where I could not take the lawn tractor.  He cleared the slope behind the pens in the "orchard" nearly down to the woods, behind the house, and on and on.  It all looks so good!

What Deb cleared by hand in one day would have taken me weeks to pull, and I wouldn't have been able to walk afterward.  We agreed it's not the getting down, it's the getting back up that is the killer.  The pain is in the legs and buttocks. I don't know how she could walk at the end of day.   Now that the lavender plants are visible again, she's given me the inspiration to complete the job.  But not in one day!

I believe it was Nimrod (his biker moniker) who replaced the panel in the goat barn roof.  Work on the barn is always a two-person job.  The girls want to be involved and try to climb the ladder, knock the ladder over, and chew tools.  One person does the work, one person plays goalie.  The clear panels keep the barn from being a cave and let me see what I'm doing in there.  This panel had completely shattered and rain and snow poured in, fortunately not over any of the girls' stalls, but made a mess in the small feed storage area.

Since I stayed in the kitchen, I'm not sure who did what and would hate not to give credit where due, so I hope to be forgiven for omissions.  Jester, Nimrod, Bird, Cuffs, and Stick did whatever needed doing.  Meat had come up with the bunch from Freed Spirits, but had to leave for another "do."  In case one wonders, Dave is known as Bam Bam.  I know Dave and one or two others cleaned the chimney and gutters, and Dawn and Jennifer swept the mess off the deck.  Dave and Bird put the storm door on the feed shed.  Clay chopped the blackberry vines that were taking over under the deck and loaded his truck with junk and trash for a dump run.  All the guys and gals moved like a well-oiled machine from one job to another.  I didn't notice until yesterday that some unknown good fairy had completely restocked the porch firewood rack.  I mention just those I know can claim a task as their own, but only Deb and Craig worked alone.  The rest of the worker bees went where needed.  I truly believe my Kids, born and 'dopted, are beyond comparison.

As a final treat, the icing on the cake as it were, a third peony opened on Saturday.  This one is a deep cerise.

Without fear of contradiction, I say it was a most excellent day.


Linda Cox said...

Wow! Everything looks great!

Emmy Abrahams said...

Lucky, lucky you
To have such a wonderful family and friends

Kathryn Williams said...

I'm grinning again! Congrats on the sharp-looking place.